School wars heat up

Things get a little heated on Woman’s Hour this morning. Me v Anne McElvoy. Decide for yourself.

And Michael Gove personally attacks founders of Local Schools Network in the Evening Standard.

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  1. I’m going to keep this as short as I can, not knowing whether it will reach you.
    In the late fifties, I was a ridiculously young English teacher at Watford Grammar School, where Harry Ree was the headmaster. We stayed in touch until his death about twenty years ago. In 1963, I went to the U.S. to teach in a comprehensive high school, married an American and stayed. From 1978 until I retired in 2008, I was a community college president, first in Massachusetts, then in Connecticut.
    With the support of his children and several friends, I am now writing the life of Harry Ree.
    Assuming that you knew him … I’d appreciate any vignettes, insights, advice.
    Many thanks,
    Jonathan M. Daube
    Manchester, Connecticut

    • Dear Mr Daube Please let me know when your biography of Harry Ree is published. I am very keen to buy a copy. He was my Headmaster at WGS in 1952. A great man!!

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