Oppose privatisation of the Royal Mail……

Please sign up to the statement put out by Compass, opposing government plans to privatise the Post Office. As Compass, the Democratic Left campaigning organisation, says, ‘given the current economic situation it doesn’t make any sense that the Government are nationalising the banks on the one-hand, but seeking to privatise Royal Mail and the Post Office on the other.

Do we really want to see stamp prices go up in the name of private profit? Do we want yet more Post Office closures? Do we want providers like Dutch company TNT to part-run our postal services? Do we really want to find ourselves calling for a windfall tax on private post service providers 5 year’s down the line? This is all possible unless you take action today and stop it.

In the coming weeks let’s stamp out these privatisation plans once and for all and secure a modern, 100% publicly owned post service for the future.’

So sign up now!

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