New Schools Leg Up

An interesting blog here from The Other Taxpayers’ Alliance following Freedom of Information requests to government about the New Schools Network and its funding from government – with a positive endorsement of our new organisation the Local Schools Network right at the end.

One Response to New Schools Leg Up

  1. Why does none of this stuff surprise me? It’s lovely that we are able to find out at least some of the truth behind this latest whatsinnitforme policy and great that people are sufficiently empowered (incensed) to write blogs like these – thanks too to Lisa Nandy MP, but the despair for me is that this is just one of so many selfish/greedy/inept acts of a government pleading poverty and selectively spending whatever it wants on whatever it wants regardless of accountability – fiscal or otherwise.

    Life would be so much easier if we didn’t care about these things. It fuels the belief of “ignorance is bliss” which I don’t subscribe to, yet ignorance is an inevitability if we stand back and allow the Tory jobs for the boys culture to remain in collusion with their long held belief that education too is for their cronies and those who can afford it.

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