Where are the women?

Great piece by Katharine Viner in The Guardian today about the dearth of women or indeed any diversity in the new Con/dem coalition and how this reflects the general absence of women from mainstream political life over the last few weeks. Read it and weep. And then get organised……

One Response to Where are the women?

  1. “Political integrity” has become yet another oxymoron. Let’s hope that the women (not the girls or the ladies or the madam chairmen) do get organised or we’re consigned to more misogynist bollocks. I fear that I wont still be alive by the time this organisation occurs, but I couldn’t do it for them as the testosterone would get in the way and sort of defeat the object. I’m not sharing your seemingly unquenchable enthusiasm/optimism right now me lovely. Sian wants to run the revolution but we can’t get a babysitter (old but still relevant joke).

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