She blames the media. And I think she’s right

As a new drama series called Pan Am – a mile high version of Mad Men by the sounds of it – prepares to hit our screens, a brilliant piece by Tanya Gold today on the appalling way in which discussion of womens lives, and feminism, is framed by the press and most broadcasters in this country. The situation is pretty similar in terms of other issues with any radical tinge whatsoever, including trades unionism, the left in general and alternative views of state education.

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  1. I added my six pennies worth on the Guardian site on facebook, but it was a bit of rewriting all the old stuff for me. Nothing new or particularly inspiring and “stewardess” in her semantics makes her almost as bad as the misogynists she’s bemoaning. Just my opinion of course.

    • I wondered what you meant by stewardesses. Now I get it, her own language reflecting what she’s rejecting. It’s in flight attendants, right? But I think her argument still holds, Couldn’t believe what Rod Liddle said about Caroline Flint. It made me really angry. And he used to edit the Today programme!

      • I just don’t get why these articles always seem to pronounce that there’s nothing they can do or that their hands are tied. Call the fire brigade – we’ll untie those troublesome knots. Governments of every political colour still have that “traditional standards” bollocks to use so called family values which means gender advantage for the blokes again. How much is still decided around the golf courses of the world and at tax payers expense? These same papers who salaciously describe the events of their rape or torture and then just to show how serious the paper is we have page 3 to follow. I still believe that Claire Short was right on that one.http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Clare_Short

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