Seven things I love

Being tagged by Normblog means I must now choose seven things I love which is easy ( apart from narrowing it down and ranking it in order which, apart from the people I love, who always come top of my list, is slightly artificial ) and then tag seven other bloggers, which will be hard, as I am quite new to this game.

Seven things I love

1) My family and friends ( and Oliver our cat!)
2) Writing
3) Reading and thinking and talking about books
4)Thinking and talking about politics and public events
5) Music, including occasionally playing it badly myself.
6) Walking – and jogging ( but only once I’ve stopped jogging)
7) Eating out, but only when I am hungry

( But this leaves out films and sunshine/sunsets and a hundred other things which is why I can’t do lists………..)
I will add the seven bloggers later……………..

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