Praise for ‘What Should We Tell Our Daughters?’

‘What Should We Tell Our Daughters? The Pleasures and Pressures of Growing Up Female ‘ was published earlier this autumn. Here are some of the comments that have been made about the book – and me! I am also doing a lot of festivals/talks and events; please check out this link http://melissabenn.com/2013/08/29/what-should-we-tell-our-daughters-autumn-events/ for accounts – and a few photos! – of events so far, and news of ones still to come. If you are interested in buying the book,you can do so from Amazon, here The paperback will be published early in the New Year……

‘Benn grapples eloquently with character, self, confidence, anger, the unquantifiable but elemental traits that make us human…but it is her call to the mind and the soul that I will outright steal: I believe we owe our daughters curiosity: the chance to be, or become, strangers, even to us, as we inquire of, and show are selves willing to hear, wishes and dreams we may never have imagined.’ – Sophie Elmhirst, Financial Times

‘A Bible for . . . Any young woman who has ever doubted herself, any brilliant mind who has ever felt unworthy for not carrying off the latest faddy fashion trend or sexualised beauty look, any modern-day Goddess who feels destabilised and lost’ – Caryn Franklin, All Walks blog

‘An intelligent and captivating read . . . you’ll want to lock yourself away and devour it from beginning to end’ – Emma Herdman, Psychologies

‘Wide-ranging, thoughtful, even-handed . . . Her forensic approach adds valuable nuance’ – Justine Jordan, The Guardian

‘Benn’s writing is profoundly reasonable, while infused with a spirit of creative rebellion, pleasure and fun. I particularly liked her reflective musings on her own pregnancy when she felt simultaneously ‘dismembered’ and ‘energized’, and her evocative account of repeating with her own daughters her mother’s practice of waving her off to school. This is a good book for daughters, for sons, and indeed for all of us’ – Sheila Rowbotham, Independent

‘In this thoughtful, impeccably researched, well-written and heartfelt book, Melissa Benn celebrates the advance of women’s rights and freedoms won over the last century in the West, reminding us of what we now take for granted, but simultaneously homes in on the outstanding or new issues of today for young women. She explores the nub of women’s lives – work, sex, love and motherhood – and why it is imperative that the future is different for our daughters’ – The Human Givens

‘Melissa Benn…is first rate.’ – Daily Telegraph

‘An excellent book… one of the most comprehensive overviews of the challenges facing British girls and women today. Her contemporary analysis, firmly rooted in experience rather than theory, is one of the book’s strengths. Benn has previously written on British education and her extensive knowledge shines through. This is an excellent study for everyone interested in contemporary women’s issues and in it Benn shows that the best feminist writing is no longer consigned to dull theoretical works… an essential read for girls, women, mothers and fathers. And it shows what we should teach our sons too’ – Laura Ellis, Morning Star

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  1. Hi Melissa,

    Girlguiding would like to invite you to a celebration launch of
    the 2013 Girls’ Attitudes Survey.

    Our unique Girls’ Attitudes Survey explores girls’ and young women’s views on the issues they say really matter to them. This year it focuses on equality for girls and their aspirations for the future.

    It would be great if you could make it along.

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