Mirror, mirror…….

Yup, I go tabloid at last. Love David Cameron’s Mr Chips hat..

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  1. I’ve been recommending your tabloid effort to my facebook “friends” as I thought it was a jolly good read. I agree with most of your points and maybe this is just a petty semantics point on my part, but I really don’t like it when people talk of “tolerance” in terms of race and community relations. The cessation of intolerance sure, but if tolerance is all we seek from one another, then that’s a pretty low target we’re setting our kids. We can either have integration or disintegration – who would choose the latter? Those I guess who seek to plunder the NHS/State education/ police/ ambulance/ fire/ social services – ie essential public services in order to line the pockets of PFI tax dodgers then as you say in your piece we have the opportunity not to vote for them. Of course that’s right, but I have almost never voted for anyone who ever got in. I think John McDonnel remains the only example of when this wasn’t the case for me. I’m too impatient for the revolution – I think I need to go and sit down now (and pause for breath).

  2. Luke, get with the programme. All good New Labourites slouhd read the FT, if only to work out who might be in the market for a peerage.Personally I think it is Britain’s only serious newspaper. The industrial coverage is without equal.And with a circulation of around 200,000, I’d far rather place a profile in the Pink ‘Un then in get a write-up in Tribune, NS and Morning Star – combined circulation 50,000 at an extremely generous estimate.

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