Me v Toby Young

In today’s Guardian… heavily cut, but gives an idea of some of the arguments…

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  1. Melissa

    Many thanks for your dicussion piece in the Guardian this Saturday. I fully agree with the points you make. I am very much against the use of Government money to fund ‘free schools’, academies and faith schools – as I noted in a letter of mine published in the Observer last week (see the ‘Letters to Editors’ section of our website). The funding the Government is putting into the ‘free schools’ etc would be better used to enhance the capabilities of existing schools. Yes, we live in a world that is changing. That is a requirement for evolution – not revolution. Evolution is progressive and results in the best match of capabilities to the environment – revolution, in benefitting some, results in harm to many others.

    Best wishes, John Chubb

  2. 4 months and no posts? I thought I’d been taken out of the loop. Has the Mel B’s blog bitten the dust or are you elsewhere making the sort of trouble that made us love you in the first instance? Answers in a plain brown envelope please.

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