Labour contenders give it a twirl…..

Read Melissa Benn’s latest piece on the Labour leadership contest, here, in this week’s Public Finance.

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  1. I was beginning to think you’d had a hiatus from writing for a while – then notification came today of your latest post. On looking at your previous two I realise that I hadn’t seen either. Has the automatic email system telling me that there’s new Benn articles available been disabled?

    Your opening two paragraphs made me think that you were vying for the private eye OBN award, but as it panned out I think it became less obsequious/twee. Have you employed a ghost writer for this or have you had a bad week? Not your usual standard me lovely.

    By “work in progress” in para 6 do you mean simply that they haven’t thought it through yet?

    Half way through your piece, you state “the coalition [OBR] has skilfully exploited the economic scenario to paint a picture of Labour irresponsibility.” which begs the question What picture would YOU paint given the NuLab fiscal suicide of PFI, deregulated bank protocols and overpriced management consultants all in the pockets of tax evading dodgy businesses up until the bitter end of their tenure in Government? Hardly what most would regard as RESPONSIBLE.

    Until I read your piece I was unaware that Brown had even considered the Tobin tax, but I’m pleased to see it endorsed by Balls and Miliband Snr. I’m told that more UK money goes into Swiss bank accounts each day than into the treasury. Although we are reliant upon tax payers money for 80% of the food on our table and always declare the most finite detail of our self employed income, I can understand why some people may be resistant about putting their tax cash into the treasury given their appalling record of spending it on expensive things we don’t need. If HMRC can pay its rent to tax dodgers, what hope is there for the rest of selfish society?

    I think I’m done.

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