Interview on the New Schools Revolution…

…with an interesting website called New Left Direction. See what you think – a slightly different kind of interview.

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  1. Melissa – I just wanted to thank you for a very lucid contribution to the Cheltenham debate on Sunday. I agree with most of what you say, as the head of a comprehensive school in Kent. It is just a shame that the last Labour government, whilst achieving much in education, did not have the courage to tackle the scandal of continued overt 11+ selection. The coalition education policies, whilst common sense in some areas, are based on propagating the double myth of a ‘broken’ English system on the one hand, and East Asian educaiton systems overtaking us on the other. In fact, the East Asian system leaders look constantly to us to find ways of redressing their disproportionate emphasis on rote learning, exams and excessive homework. They are looking for more space in the curriculum, more creativity and more critical thinking, which is precisely what they see us as doing well. Michael Gove, take note. Thanks again for your continued advocacy of good state education.

    • Hello Ian, thanks for your comment. Glad I made sense on Sunday. And very very interesting about the East Asian system. Do you have any links/research that I can follow up? Wondering too what you think of free schools and Labour’s advocacy of free schools? Best, M

  2. Dear Melissa
    just wanted to say how impressed I am with ‘School Wars’ – incredibly timely and apposite and given the dearth of good writing on education, essential.

    Thanks for stating the case with such clarity and conviction

    all best wishes, Steve Waters


    • Oh and Steve, you could do me a favour if you really like the book. Write a short review on Amazon! THat would be incredibly helpful to speeding up issue of the reprint. I think they are nearly there. I am going to add some new material as well. M

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