In a very good cause…….

I will be hosting a fundraising evening on December 1st in aid of the Maya Centre, which provides therapy to low income women. The evening will feature some of our finest writers – Jill Dawson, Margaret Drabble, Helen Simpson and Sarah Waters – reading from their short story collections. Tickets selling fast. Please come along.

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  1. Looks good – I just called the centre to see if it’s accessible for my famous feminist writer wheelchair-using mates and they have confirmed that it is. Would you like a photographer? (I am training up a great assistant who lives on the Victoria Road at the moment – she’s getting more of her work in magazines than I am).

    • Ha Ha I can get the Victoria Road photographer and really cheap rates. Glad you are coming. Not sure what after event plans are yet. Will let you know. Thanks for all your help re the photo yesterday etc love MX

  2. Hello Melissa I discoverd you at the Schools Wars event. what a family the Benns! As I said to you because of your dad going on abt comprehensives in the 70’s I sent my daughters to one.
    I’d love to come to Maya Event but it is a bit far for me. I am an oldie and I have a mobility problem I am a bit hesitant going a long way on my own. If anybody from SE22 or there about is going could I go with them?

    • Well my comment is awaiting moderstaion….!!! I’ll have to moderate my m y enthusiasm for the Benns. I am French how can I moderate my enthusiasm!!!

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