Dreamers of a new day?

This really doesn’t seem an apposite title for a blog post as we head, in a matter of hours, into May 6th and a possible hung parliament or worse, a Tory victory. But it IS the title of my latest published article; for anyone interested in our rich radical past, please read my New Statesman review, published yesterday, of Sheila Rowbotham’s magisterial new study of feminist campaigners, activists, pioneers and dreamers at the end of the 19th and beginning of the 20th century.

2 Responses to Dreamers of a new day?

  1. I read and enjoyed your review – My local bookshop tells me it’s not released until tomorrow – you bloody celebrities always get early copies. Spoilt rotten you are Ms Benn! Sian now has another birthday present for me to read too.

    For too long the word “feminist” has been seen by many as an insult (like Socialist). I suspect the doormats and other sell outs who think like this are unlikely to bother to read this particular tome unless of course there are some nice pictures for them to colour in with their crayons.

    • If writing for the New Statesman makes me a celebrity Tim, then I’ve been famous for years……..!

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