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Who’s afraid of state schools?, Friday December 19 2008

Figures just released by the Audit Commission which show a sharp increase in the number of applications to state schools from parents who previously would have sent their children to private schools. A third of London boroughs have reported a noticeable rise in applications, with a further 20% predicting the figures to climb higher next year as the recession bites.
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Economic uncertainty spreads to education, Sunday October 12 2008
Coming at the end of a week of turmoil for private capital, the news that Amey plc, a major services consultancy and sponsor of the Unity city academy in Middlesbrough is in talks regarding the “dissolution” of its sponsorship lays bare some of the key problems with giving private companies a controlling stake in our public services.
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The truth about our schools, Saturday October 4 2008
If David Cameron were really interested in healing so called “broken Britain”, he could start by telling the truth about our schools. He should ditch the stale cliches about “all must-have prizes” or “dumbing down” and the populist cracks at the education establishment, all of which made an appearance in the brief section about schools in his leader’s speech this week.
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Off-target, Wednesday April 30 2008
I can’t have been the only parent who felt a wave of exhaustion come over them when I read today’s Guardian front page article on proposals to include a raft of social indicators in future Ofsted reports. In addition to the information already included in the often controversial league tables, schools may now be judged on 18 separate social factors including rates of …
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