Britain’s Education Divide

Below, a link to my G2 cover feature on Britain’s continuing education divide, which promoted some lively comments on the twittersphere yesterday. 99% of the tweets were positive but there were some odd criticisms, in every sense, that I plan to address in a post over the next day or so.

In the meantime, I have joined Twitter, finally, so you can follow me on @Melissa_Benn.

One Response to Britain’s Education Divide

  1. Melissa, You have a very full diary I can see, but Compass Merseyside and News from Nowhere bookshop would like you to come to Liverpool to lead a discussion and promote the School Wars. I’m in the NUT (retired) and will make sure the teaching unions know about the meeting. Jane Corbett, the Liverpool Education Cabinet Member, is also an active Compass member here so she will spread the word too.
    If you think you might come can you please suggest some possible dates?
    I see you are coming to the Labour conference. Perhaps we could meet there briefly?
    John Airs

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