A Tribute to Caroline BennA Tribute to Caroline Benn: Education and Democracy




Originally born in Ohio, Caroline Benn came to England to study and married Anthony Wedgewood-Benn in 1949. She devoted her life to comprehensive education and was co-founder of the Campaign for Comprehensive Education. She wrote the definitive study on the progress of comprehensive reform in the UK and other key works on the future of education. Her active work in local government as well as being a tutor, lecturer and school governor meant her death in 2000 was mourned by many in educational as well as political circles. A Tribute to Caroline Benn celebrates the life and work of the celebrated educationalist and Tony Benn’s late wife. This collection of essays focuses on the big issues in education. Many were embraced by her during her long and active life, such as the concept of inclusion, the campaign for comprehensive education, and the need to fight for educational reform alongside social justice and equality.

“This delightful book, co-edited by its subject’s daughter, has two themes. One is Caroline Benn’s extraordinary life; the other one of her passions – the comprehensive ideal.”
Book of the Week, TES – reviewed by Tim Brighouse

“Caroline Benn made an immense contribution to public life through her work on educational politics and the comprehensive movement. She was a committed democrat, socialist and internationalist and this book of essays dedicated to her life and work was the idea of Professor Clyde Chitty, her friend and colleague over many years, as a labour of love and to recognise her achievements. The fact that so many people in her field have contributed chapters is evidence of the influence she had no those who knew her and worked with her.”
– Foreword by Tony Benn

“This fine book will serve both as a fitting tribute to the life and work of Caroline Benn and as a means of furthering the educational causes she championed.”
– Richard Aldrich, Emeritus Professor of History of Education, Institute of Education, University of London