Guess who dropped by?

to my signing at Blackwells at Labour Party Conference yesterday? Yes, the great man himself, plus fellow authors Owen Jones and Rowenna Davis….. although I didn’t get a chance to discuss with Ed the merits – or otherwise – of academies and free schools….Of course, that’s why we are still smiling….. Continue reading Guess who dropped by?

Latest news and reviews

The Verso website is doing a great job of tracking the impact of School Wars, and also summarising the main reviews so far.

Below, the latest schedule for talks and debates

20-Sep School Wars New Statesman/Liberal Democrat Conference
21-Sep School Wars University of Leicester debate: Comprehensive School Education – Policy Mistake, Lost Ideal or Model for the Future?
22-Sep School Wars Royal Society of the Arts lunchtime seminar
25-Sep School Wars INTERROGATE festival: Income Inequality under the Spotlight
27-Sep School Wars Bristol – Watershed – evening event
28-Sep School Wars Blackwells Labour party conference – Talk and signing
04-Oct School Wars Bookmarks – Debate on the book
06-Oct School Wars Blackwells Oxford – reading and talk
11-Oct School Wars LRB shop – reading and debate
13-Oct School Wars With Michael Rosen and Newham books
14-Oct School Wars Ilkley – Evening event
16-Oct School Wars Times Cheltenham Literature Festival – debate with Toby Young and Anthony Seldon
17-Oct School Wars Maison Bertaux
10-Nov School Wars Pages of Hackney
25-Nov School Wars Richmond Literature Festival
27-Nov School Wars Cambridge Wordfest – debate with Stefan Collini tbs
29-Nov School Wars Bishopsgate – panel discussion

The Big Debate

How do we make our schools fit to face the 21st century?
Five experts explore the future of British education in this round-table discussion, as the government initiative for free schools is launched

The panel: Guy Claxton, Sue Street, Melissa Benn, Rachel Wolf and Peter Hyman. Photograph: Antonio Olmos For The Observer/ Antonio Olmos
The Observer panel, chaired by Yvonne Roberts: Guy Claxton, professor of learning sciences; Sue Street, inner city school teacher; Melissa Benn, journalist and campaigner; Rachel Wolf, education adviser; Peter Hyman, teacher and former political strategist. Continue reading The Big Debate