I wish I’d said that! (1)

Another one of my ongoing series * in which I highlight articles or speeches that I admire so much I – kind of – wish I’d written or given them! So, to kick this particular series off: a terrific comment page piece by David Edgar in today’s Guardian about the values and innovation underlying the best sort of public service. It’s no coincidence that such views are being expressed as we come towards the (possible) end of the New Labour era. I think there will be many more pieces/thoughts/arguments of this kind in the next few years. I hope so.

* some of my other ongoing series include Missing in Domestic Action, Thoughts of an Amateur Cellist and Reasons to be Cheerful, started just below this post. Warning: parts two, three, four etc of these ruminations are often quite a while coming, so do enjoy Part one ( of each) in all their singular glory!!!