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Today, local councils will send out offers of places to all children about to enter secondary school in England. With reports of increasing numbers of parents failing to get their first choice of schools, and pressure on the state from recession-hit parents deserting private education, National Offers Day – as it has come to be known – is likely once again to bring simmering conflcts within our deeply divided school system to the surface……..( read on here.

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Remembering Labour’s roots

Read Melissa Benn’s latest article, and readers’ comments, in today’s Guardian Comment is Free
Early Saturday afternoon in bracing February sunshine and a crowd is gathering outside Bow station in London’s East End. We are about to embark on a walk round the landmarks in the East End life of George Lansbury (1859-1940), part of a week of celebrations of this extraordinary man: socialist, Christian, militant pacifist and suffragist, and leader of the Labour party from 1932 to 1935…….

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